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Advantages of SWSN wireless transmission

1.Monitor Temperature Remotely
2.Oil and Gas fields
3.Remote Temp Transmitter 433mhz

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SWSN wireless transmission advantages

Introduction to SWSN

    SWSN is a wireless transmission protocol independently researched and developed by our company. It adopts the open-use 433M and 470-510M frequency bands, and at the same time assists special coding, which realizes the expansion of medium and long-distance wireless transmission. The open distance can reach 1000 meters, and the actual obstacle distance is more than 100 meters (the latest product of our company can reach 5000 meters at the expense of certain power consumption, and the actual obstacle distance is more than 500 meters).

    Relying on the internal battery power supply of the transmitter, supplemented by our unique management technologies such as sleep, sampling, and radio coordination, it can achieve low power consumption and long service life (1 minute collection interval, battery life ≥ 10 years). At the same time, the cellular network can be expanded, and a single gateway can realize the networking of 128 transmitters at most.



1. Ultra-low power wireless sensing technology

1 minute sampling interval, battery life is close to 10 years


2.Ultra-long-distance wireless transmission technology

The open distance can reach 1000 meters, and the actual obstacle distance is more than 100 meters.


Straight road test 1080 meters (no building block)


Residential environment test 150-250 meters (building shading)


Environmental test of chemical park 125 meters (building block)


(Production workshop environment test 200 meters (equipment shading))

3. Cellular network expansion

A single G2 wireless repeater can receive up to 128 transmitter data. Each G2 wireless repeater can realize cellular network expansion through RS485 networking.


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