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NTC Temperature Sensor

ntc 10k sensor

1. Customized for you
2. Multiple B value and R value optional
3. 10k 3950 and 10k 3435 is a common

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As new coronavirus outbreaks rage on and more seriously ill patients become infected with coronaviruses, the need for ventilators and disinfection cabinet is at least 10 times greater than that available in hospitals around the world. GAIMC is accelerating production and rolling out high-quality sensor to meet the needs of more patients.GFS131 Ventilator flow sensor   and GMQ Ozone sensor module has been optimized for respiratory and disinfection cabinet applications.(Welcome to inquiry)



Sauna temperature sensors with NTC thermistor is made with high precision, reliable NTC Thermistor connected to qualified wire, which is wrapped with insulated, heat conductive and water resistant materials into desired shapes, so as to facilitate long-distance temperature measurement and control and installation.


-Key component for temperature sensing and electronic control

-Sensor design following principal + supplementary insulation for the sensor head

-Specifically developed design allows for a very good water, moisture and ice resistance: 6000 h in water immersion under voltage

-Suitable for evaporater temperature measurement. Very high number of thermal cycles resistant: 100 000 cycles

-The cables jackets are suitable for back-panel polyurethane foaming process (max. 100 °C, 5 min)

-The sensors are also available with single insulated cables, and with PVC-free cable


R value  R251KΩ~1400KΩ (1K,2K,4.7K,5K,10K,20K,30K,50K,100KΩ)etc
B value  R25/50


R25 accuracy±1%,±2%
B value accuracy ± 1%
Temperature Range-40~+300℃
Probe size Diameter:¢1.5~¢9mm;length:3mm~1000mm
Probe materialStainless steel, copper plated nickel, ABS, PVC, epoxy

Supply line number, using temperature range, outside diameter and material requirements.

ConnectorMolex,JST,DuPont,CWB,CJT etc.
shrinkable tubePVC tube,;glass fiber tube

Product Show

B value (R25/R50)


Temp. Range-50~120℃
Probe SUS304 ,6*30mm,or customized
cablepvc( 1m, 2m, or customized)


Other customized


Customized for you