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ph sensor

1. The best choice for sewage measurement
2. Built-in temperature sensor
3. Easy for installation
4. fast response and good stability

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As new coronavirus outbreaks rage on and more seriously ill patients become infected with coronaviruses, the need for ventilators and disinfection cabinet is at least 10 times greater than that available in hospitals around the world. GAIMC is accelerating production and rolling out high-quality sensor to meet the needs of more patients. GFS131 Ventilator flow sensor    and  GMQ Ozone sensor module  has been optimized for respiratory and disinfection cabinet applications.(Welcome to inquiry)



GEC-pH512 composite electrode is an electrode developed by our company for various industrial wastewater, domestic sewage, drinking water monitoring and environmental water treatment. It has the advantages of high measurement accuracy, fast response, good repeatability and small maintenance.


GWQ pH controller widely used in continuous monitoring of PH value or ORP value and temperature in solutions such as thermal power, chemical fertilizer, metallurgy, environmental protection, pharmaceutical, biochemical, food and tap water .


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国际站PH详情_06.jpgWhy choose us?

1. We have the pleasure of introducing ourselves to you as a professional factory in the export of water quality analyzer,  Our activities cover a wide range of commodities, such as ph meter, dissolved oxygen meters,  conductivity meter etc.

2. Our products are superior in quality and moderate in price and are sure to be saleable in your market. 

3. We have been engaged in the water quality measurements business with many countries for many years. And in a very good position to supply most grades of ph meter at competitive prices and for good delivery.




Measuring range0~14pH
Temperature range0~60℃

 Zero potential



 0.3MPa(Customized 0.6MPa)




 Up and down 3/4NPT
Material PPS/PC


Low noise cable direct
Cable length5m(standard)/other customized
ApplicationIndustrial waste water, domestic sewage,environmentally water treatment, etc.