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Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Sanitary Digital Electromagnetic Flow Meter

LCD display
Multi-languages can be optional
Good anti-corrosion performance
Strong anti-interference performance
With self checking and diagnosis function

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GMF200 Sanitary magnetic flow meter is specially designed for measurement of food liquid, like milk, cream, juice of various fruits, pharma liquid etc. It is available with compact or remote version of transmitter can be installation either horizontally or vertically with a variety of optional end-fittings to meet your requirements. 


    Milk is rich in nutrients such as protein, fat, vitamins and minerals, and milk protein contains amino acids necessary for the human body;  Milk is both a drink and a vital ingredient in many non-food products such as cosmetics.  Right from the collection of the milk from the dairy, right through to the formulation and processing of the final product, measurement of milk is vital.    Precise measurement is necessary for sales volume calculation, inventory control and precise process control to ensure product quality and repeatability.  

    But milk products come in a lot different forms with not the same densities, viscosities and flow characteristics that can make accurate measurement not easy.   However, with the help of electromagnetic flow meters, we can take milk accurately;   we can find a perfect and low cost milk flow meter for a milking system. Magnetic flow meters have the ability to take accurate flow measurement for many kinds’ milk products, a suitable dairy flow meter.

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Milk is extracted with weak acid and alkali, the combination of PFA or Teflon lining and 316L electrode material can meet the needs of the milk.

GMF200 Sanitary electromagnetic flow meter



Food, pharmaceutical industries such as milk, fruit juice, medicine.

Diameter DN10~DN100mm
Accuracy 士0.5%

Medium  temp.

Nominal pressure1.6Mpa

Flow  rate


Straight  pipe required

Upstream ≥5DN, downstream ≥3DN
Electrode 316L 

Lining material

PTFE(F4), Teflon FEP(F46), PFA
Installation  Clamp on 
Body material SUS304(standard),SUS316(optional)
Power supply 220VAC/24VDC/lithium battery
Signal output Pulse and 4~ 20mA
Communication RS485, Hart, GPRS, etc.
Explosion-proof No
Protection proof IP65 (compact type); IP67,IP68(suitable for remote type)


Ambient temperature:-20~ +60℃ ,Ambient humidity: 5% ~ 90%