Industry Application

GTS200 ds18b20 temperature sensor--- Portugal(Wine-making)


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Case Description


Product:GTS200 ds18b20 temperature sensor  


   Customers purchase DS18B20 mainly for the intelligent monitoring of wine making, the fermentation process is crucial to the taste of wine, so the monitoring of this process is critical.  

    There are two processes in wine making, one is the pressing process, the other is the filling and storage process.  The customer has two products and systems specially used for testing these two processes. The products are as follows.  Temperature monitoring is required in both of these processes.  


    After communication with customers, we understand the specific application process and product customization parameters. Our engineers draw professional drawings and follow the production (as shown below). The probe is made of food-grade stainless steel, which is clean and sanitary.  


    At present, we have cooperated with the customer for many times, and the purchase quantity is 500-1000 each time. The customer also said that the project expansion will be carried out soon, and the demand will be greater then.

    If you also own a winery for the brewing of wine, please contact us !