• GWQ-pH

GWQ-pH Online ph meter

GWQ-pH is an intelligent online chemical analysis instrument that detects the acidity and alkalinity of the solution through the electrochemical reaction between the pH electrode and the solution. At the same time, the measurement results are transmitted to the data acquisition system or automatic control system through analog signals or RS485 communication. It is widely used in continuous monitoring of pH/ORP in solutions such as thermal power, chemical fertilizers, metallurgy, environmental protection, pharmaceuticals, biochemistry, food and tap water.

> Solution

Automatic temperature compensation

Various water quality types of electrodes are available

Back lit LCD with adjustable brightness and contrast

lockouts to protect from over-dosing

Flashing high and low alarm with relay function

Directly switchable to ph/orp

Intelligent programming

Three-point calibration, temperature compensation

The instrument has built-in Chinese and English operating languages, making it applicable to a wider range of scenarios. Three-point calibration function, manual/automatic temperature compensation, more accurate measurement. Watchdog program design prevents crashes and ensures continuous, stable and normal operation of the instrument. High and low limit relay alarms, combined with sound and light alarm functions, can comprehensively monitor abnormal conditions on site to ensure safe production.

High standard protection design

Metal coating anti-interference, sealed and waterproof design

The inner layer of the casing is coated with metal protective paint to effectively shield external electromagnetic radiation, improve the anti-interference ability of the whole machine, and ensure the normal operation of the equipment. The sealed waterproof back cover and waterproof joints effectively prevent water vapor from entering, making it dustproof and waterproof, improving the overall protection capability of the machine. Butterfly buckle design, anti-slip, strong stability, and easier to install.

Customer Case

Sewage treatment monitoring system


Sewage treatment system refers to a treatment system that removes or transforms main pollutants in urban sewage and industrial wastewater through physical, chemical or biological treatment methods, thereby meeting environmental discharge standards or reusable water quality requirements. The entire sewage treatment process mainly It consists of filtration, primary sedimentation, aeration tank, secondary sedimentation, disinfection and other processes.


Monitor parameters such as pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen, sludge concentration, and suspended solids throughout the entire sewage treatment process through online water quality meters/digital water quality electrodes/multi-parameter water quality meters, etc., and transmit real-time water quality conditions to the backend through RS485 monitoring system, or upload data to the cloud platform through wireless collection modules to achieve remote management and monitoring, further improving the automation and networking of the sewage treatment system.

Sewage treatment water quality monitoring system features

1. Monitor water quality in real time and continuously monitor the entire process to ensure that water quality meets standards.

2. Built-in temperature compensation and three-point calibration program make measurement more accurate.

3. Automated monitoring and early warning can effectively solve the problems of long manual measurement cycle and difficult data processing.

4. Collect data wirelessly to achieve remote management and monitoring in the cloud.

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