SWSN/Lora Wireless temperature and humidity transmitter

GTHT270 wireless temperature and humidity transmitter is a high-precision, low-power wireless temperature and humidity detection instrument. Using high-precision imported chips, large-capacity lithium battery power supply, IP67 waterproof shell, the longest data transmission distance can reach 5000m. With the wireless gateway, it can receive data from up to 128 wireless temperature and humidity transmitters on site, and transmit the data to the back-end collection equipment through the RS485 or Ethernet interface. It is widely used in temperature and humidity measurement and monitoring in heating, cold storage, agricultural greenhouses, breeding farms, fresh air in buildings and other scenarios.
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Telecom building temperature and humidity monitoring


The computer room equipment in the telecommunications building needs to monitor temperature and humidity, because too high or too low temperature and humidity may affect the normal operation of the equipment and even cause equipment damage. Real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity can detect abnormal situations in time and take corresponding measures to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Pain Point

1. Wireless transmission, no wiring required

2. Long transmission distance, up to 5000m (open environment)

3. Low power consumption, powered by large-capacity lithium battery, battery life up to 5 years

4. Easy networking, the gateway can mount up to 128 transmitters

5. Convenient communication, gateway optional RS485/Ethernet output

6. Convenient power supply, the gateway can be customized for POE power supply

7. Easy to install, magnetic or wall-mounted


The entire temperature and humidity monitoring system consists of an outdoor temperature and humidity transmitter, an indoor temperature and humidity transmitter, a wireless receiver and a monitoring system. By measuring the temperature and humidity of the outdoor and indoor environments, not only can the operating mode of the air conditioning system in the building computer room be adjusted in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, but also equipment damage can be prevented and the service life of the equipment can be extended. At the same time, the energy utilization efficiency is improved, energy consumption is reduced, and the purpose of energy conservation and environmental protection is achieved.


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