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Industrial thermocouple

GPT Customized thermocouple temperature sensor

Range:-200 to 1600 °C
K, N, E, J, and T type
Used in boiler, cement cellar etc

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Thermocouple is a commonly used temperature measuring component in a temperature measuring instrument. By measuring the temperature and converting the temperature signal into a thermoelectromotive force signal, it is converted into the temperature of the measured medium by the secondary meter. It is generally suitable for measuring the surface temperature of gases, liquids and solids in the temperature range of -200 to 1600 °C. 

Due to different processes, it is usually divided into two types: armored thermocouple (WRK*) and assembled thermocouple (WR*). Also, due to the difference in temperature sensing materials, the indexing numbers are classified as K, N, E, J, and T.



Armored thermocouple

Assembly Thermocouple
Thermocouple typeK,N,E,J,T,S K,N,E,J,T
Diameter (mm)φ3,φ4 ,φ4.5 ,φ5,φ6 ,φ8 φ12,φ16,φ20,φ25,etc.
Sheath material 316,316L,etc.316,316L,Hastelloy,etc.
Probe structure Grounded,Ungrouned,Exposed(GPT-WR) 
Core number  1,2
Terminal box(optional) Cast aluminum,Stainless steel
 Accuracy ±1.5℃/±0.5℃ or 0.4%|t|℃
Electrical connection  Thread
Explosion proof level
Output SignalmV,4-20mA

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