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Temperature humidity sensor

DS18B20 temperature sensor

1. Support customized products and datasheet
2. Original genuine Dallas / Maxim chips
3. Check every single sensor before delivery, quality assurance
4. Two crimps on probe and heat-shrinkable tube to ensure waterproof

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    DS18B20 is single intelligent temperature sensor,produced by DALLAS semiconductor companies in the United States.It belongs to a new generation of adaptive intelligent temperature sensor, and can directly convert temperature signal to the serial digital signals for computer processing.Using strict welding and assembly process, improve the measurement precision, longer service life.

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1. Temperature sensing quickly,Accurate 

2. Impact resistance, strong waterproof, long service life

3. unique single bus interface, multipoint temperature measuring

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You need more than just ds18b20 sensor, you need a veteran supplier who has been in the field for 10+ years to build your brand and grow your profits. Let GAIMC help you achieve business success. No matter what style of ds18b20 you want, based on our extensive experience, we can manufacture it.

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GAIMC is well versed in this field: In particular, We also support customized, which makes the final product to meet your specified needs. We are a company that values customers' satisfaction. We always aim at producing and delivering quality temperature sensor that meet all your needs. With 10+ years of experience, You can trust us with your needs and expectations.

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Digital chip


Power supply3.0~5.5VDC
Resolution ratio 9~12 bit
temperature range-50~+125℃
Probe size
probe materialStainless steel
ConnectorMolex,JST,DuPont,CWB,CJT,U type etc.
heat-shrinkable sleevePVC tube;glass fiber tube;teflon tube
Connection modeBlack:GND  Yellow:DATA  Red:VDD+