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Pt100/Pt1000 temperature calculation method

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Pt100/Pt1000 temperature calculation method

Pt100 and Pt1000 temperature resistance table, in line with the general standard DIN EN 60751 (in line with the Electrotechnical Commission standard IEC751).

The common accuracy grades of Pt100/Pt1000 are: 1/3DIN (±0.1℃), A grade (±0.15℃), B grade (±0.3℃), etc.


Pt platinum resistance temperature sensor, resistance value and temperature standard calculation formula:

When -200°C ~ 0°C, the calculation formula is as follows:

Rt = R0 [1 + At + Bt2 + C(t-100°C) t3]

At 0°C to 800°C, the calculation formula is as follows:

Rt = R0 (1 + At + Bt2)


①Rt is the measured resistance value at the current temperature

②R0 is the resistance value at 0℃

③t is the current temperature

Constant A, B, C

A = 3.9083 x 10-3 (unit °C-1)

B = -5.775 x 10-7 (unit °C-2)

C = -4.183 x10-12 (unit °C-4)

Note: The calculation formula is universal, other platinum resistances can also use the above formula to calculate the resistance.


Pt100/Pt1000 temperature and resistance characteristic curve:image.png



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