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Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Electromagnetic flowmeter selection and installation

1. LCD Display
2. Medium with conductive rate
3. Water,sewage,slurry
4. No moving parts for low maintenance & long life

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Electromagnetic flowmeter selection and installation

    Electromagnetic flowmeters are mainly used to measure the volume flow of conductive liquids such as water, sewage, wastewater, paper pulp, and mud. Because of the complex composition of the medium, suitable electrodes and linings need to be selected according to different mediums, temperatures, calibers, etc., in order to ensure that the flowmeter can work stably for a long time under various complex working conditions.




Installation and use requirements:

  1. Flow direction requirements: The electromagnetic flowmeter can measure the two-way flow, but it is still recommended to ensure that the medium flow direction is consistent with the direction of the arrow on the meter body when installing.


  2.  Installation of straight pipe section: The electromagnetic flowmeter measuring pipeline requires the medium to be full and stable flow, so as to ensure the measurement accuracy. Therefore, there are certain requirements for the installation of straight pipe section. It is generally recommended that the length of the straight pipe section upstream of the sensor should be at least 10 times the pipe diameter ( 10D), the length of the downstream straight pipe section should be at least 5 times the pipe diameter (5D).


  3. Installation point selection: The electromagnetic flowmeter installation point selection needs to ensure enough straight pipe sections so that the medium is full of pipes and flows stably.

    ①Install the pipeline at a low point, and the medium is full


    ②Either horizontal or vertical pipeline installation is possible (when installing the vertical pipeline, the flow direction of the medium must be from bottom to top).


    ③Do not install an electromagnetic flowmeter on the suction side of the pump.


    ④Long pipeline, generally install the control valve downstream of the electromagnetic flowmeter, not upstream.


    ⑤ Where the pipe drop exceeds 5 meters, an air valve should be installed downstream of the electromagnetic flowmeter.


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