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Medical ventilator flow meter

New sensor solution for ventilators

1.Intensive care ventilator Portable ventilator
2.Detection micro flow accurately
3.breathing applications

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    The global demand for fan sensors continues to grow. As a leading manufacturer of sensor technology, GAIMC has made a tremendous leap in development, and is currently introducing the new flow sensor GFS131 to the market. The sensor has been optimized for breathing applications and is available in high volumes.

    Thanks to the tireless efforts of numerous Gavin person, the flow sensor GFS131 is now for sale after its successful market introduction and will help respirator manufacturers to realize new devices and cover the high demand.The air flow sensor is designed to monitor the patient's breathing cycle and improve the efficacy and comfort of treatment. The sensor detects the delivered air flow and sends a signal to the sleep ventilator to reduce the speed of the fan when the patient begins to exhale, reducing the resistance of the patient during exhalation and avoiding the patient's discomfort.


 Air flow sensors not only need to provide high resolution and accurate sensing capabilities to detect weaker airflow changes and more precisely control the flow of air delivered to patients.Moreover, power consumption should be strictly controlled. Low voltage loss enables the ventilator to be powered by batteries, which improves the flexibility and freedom of use. At the same time, if the resistance sensitivity of the sensor is too high, the working noise of the motor will increase, which will affect the sleep of patients and shorten the service life of the motor.

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Current status of ventilator flow meter

    The epidemic of COVID 19 continues to spread. The number of people diagnosed with New Coronary Pneumonia in the world is close to 2 million. The world has become a giant ICU. Severe patients are waiting in line to use a ventilator to continue their lives. According to statistics from the American College of Respiratory Diseases, the widespread use of ventilators has increased the success rate of clinical rescue by approximately 55%.

    The US "Fortune" magazine reported that the number of existing ventilators in global medical institutions only accounts for about 9% of the total demand. Global ventilator manufacturers are running at full capacity and still cannot make up for the huge demand gap.

    The long production cycle, high difficulty of the ventilator, and the shortage of key components are the main reasons for the shortage of global ventilator production. The GFS131 flow sensor is an important component of the ventilator's air circuit system, which monitors the flow of respiratory air flow in real time and provides the data support required by medical staff for treatment.