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Medical ventilator flow meter

MEMS sensor chip technology

1.Intensive care ventilator Portable ventilator
2.Detection micro flow accurately
3.breathing applications

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MEMS Technology Description


    GFS131 is a new generation gas flow sensor specially developed by our company for ventilator. The thermodynamic principle is used to detect the flow of the gas medium in the flow channel. The new generation of MEMS sensor chip technology is used. It has the characteristics of high accuracy, fast response and good repeatability. It can accurately measure very small flows.

MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical System) is a core technology platform that uses micromachining processes on a common bottom layer to process various structures and devices in batches in an integrated and miniaturized manner. The size ranges from 1 micron to 1 mm, and extends to smaller sizes (submicron → nanometer).

MEMS technology is a typical multidisciplinary cutting-edge research, involving almost all fields of natural and engineering sciences, such as electronics, machinery, materials, manufacturing, information and automatic control, physics, chemistry and biology, etc. And intensive many of the cutting-edge achievements in the development of science and technology today.

MEMS Features

Miniaturization: MEMS devices have small size, light weight, low energy consumption, low inertia, high resonance frequency, and short response time.

Microelectronics integration: multiple sensors or actuators with different functions, different sensitive directions or actuation directions can be integrated into one, or a microsensor array, microactuator array can be formed, and even devices with multiple functions can be integrated together, Form complex microsystems.

High-precision batch manufacturing: Using silicon micromachining technology, hundreds of thousands of micro-electromechanical devices or complete MEMS systems can be manufactured simultaneously on a silicon wafer.


Basic structure of MEMS device

MEMS devices generally include sensors (Sensor), signal processor (or controller, CPU or MCU) and actuator (usually called actuator, Actuator) three parts. The sensor is used to receive information from the outside world; the signal processor (controller) processes the signal received from the outside; the actuator receives the command from the controller and makes the required action response. Its working process is similar to the human body receiving external information through the facial features, issuing instructions through the brain's thinking, and making corresponding actions according to the instructions.

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