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Multi-point temperature measurement for fermentation tank


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Multi-point temperature measurement for fermentation tank

Fermentation tanks generally require multi-point temperature measurement in order to monitor the temperature at different locations of the fermentation tank, strictly control the fermentation conditions, and ensure the quality of the final fermentation product.

GAIMC fermentation tank multi-point temperature measurement system can achieve up to 256 fermentation tanks, each fermentation tank up to 50 points temperature measurement, all data is transmitted to the back-end control room through RS485 bus or GPRS, in order to monitor the fermentation status in real time The fermentation proceeds normally.


1. Temperature sensor

The temperature sensor of the multi-point temperature measurement system adopts the DS18B20 chip imported from the United States and has a digital output. The temperature range is -55 ° C ~ + 125 ° ℃, and the power supply is 3.0VDC ~ 5.5VDC. DS18B20 can measure temperature on a single bus at multiple points. Each chip has a unique number. The temperature acquisition device identifies the corresponding temperature sensor by the number, which greatly improves the anti-interference ability of the entire system. Even under complex working conditions, accurate temperature measurement can be achieved. 


2. Temperature sensor package

The sealant with high thermal conductivity is used to encapsulate the DS18B20 chip into the stainless steel sleeve, which ensures the high sensitivity of the temperature sensor and minimal temperature delay. Each pin of the chip is separated by an isolation sleeve to prevent short circuit. The stainless steel casing is encapsulated to ensure the overall waterproof, moisture-proof and rust-proof products.

It adopts 304 food grade stainless steel casing with waterproof joint at the end, and other fixed connectors such as flange and chuck can be customized. The sleeve length can be customized, and the sleeves are connected by threads. It is fixed by the waterproof connector at the end of the wire, which can accurately ensure the temperature measurement position of the temperature sensor chip.


3. RS485 host

Multi-point temperature measurement for a single tank, the host uses RS485 host, a single host can receive up to 50 DS18B20 temperature data, and each chip is numbered, the number and the corresponding temperature can be cyclically displayed on the host. At the same time, the measured multi-point temperature data is output on the RS485 bus. In theory, the RS485 bus can be connected to 256 hosts.


4. Host computer

The RS485 host is connected to the computer through the conversion module, and online monitoring and reading of the multi-point temperature of each fermentation tank through the supporting software. If the data is abnormal, the specific location of the fermentor and temperature sensor in question can be accurately determined by the RS485 host address and probe number.